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It all seemed so promising. The ECB was throwing money around like it was, well like it was worthless. In the UK, consumers were becoming more confident, and house prices began to edge upwards. Germany appeared to have avoided recession, and the US seemed to be on the road to boom. In Q4 last year the US expanded at an annualised rate of 3.0 per cent, bringing back memories of the good old days before the world ‘credit crunch’ crept into the popular vernacular. And then the first of March happened. Yesterday saw the release of the latest Purchasing Managers’ Indices (PMIs) around the world, and they were disappointing. Yesterday saw the latest data on US personal spending, and it was disappointing. For that matter the last couple of days of February saw some disappointing data. But at least some good news was emitted, especially from the UK.
February promise PMIs bring February shiver
Uncle Sam suffers more woe
Eurozone sees double whammy
Oil sticks at a level that is too high
UK economy sees double boost


And so we see a rush of retailers closing down. Some are bust, some may go bust, others are victims of rumours, others merely cutting back. But what about the survivors, how are they set to perform?