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Crossing the threshold


A change in the Prospectus Directive brings new opportunities.


Sharemark – the simple, flexible, low cost stock market for smaller companies - is introducing a substantial initiative aimed at providing retail investors with the opportunity to capitalise on the future growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1st July  
Football fans among you will be aware of the current farce surrounding the game’s world governing body, FIFA. Bribery allegations have led to the resignation of the vice president, but as a result, no further investigations will be made and “the presumption of innocence is maintained”. Very odd if you ask me. But before we get all judgemental, let’s remember that in 2007, the Stevens Inquiry found that irregular payments had been involved in 17 football transfers on our own shores. Steering away from the football analogy completely, a conservative estimate of total bribes paid worldwide annually is US $1 trillion (‘The Costs of Corruption’, World Bank News & Broadcast, April 8th 2004). So bribery and corruption must be everywhere. Should we be worried about it?

Smaller company lending and investment is key to the financial recovery.


Advisers and private client brokers could be restricting your investment opportunities.


Since 2000, The Share Centre has offered Sharemark, both as a trading mechanism for shares in Share plc and as an alternative market for corporate clients including private organisations and senior market delists.


Ready, AIM, fire, 12 April


It’s a common misconception that AIM stocks cannot be held in ISAs, even though they are permitted in self-invested pension plans (SIPPs). The truth is that some AIM companies (which fulfil specific criteria) can actually be included.